Brand : Fovitec

Fovitec StudioPRO - 1x Daylight 1200 LED Panel w/ Barndoors - [Continuous][Adjustable Lighting][V-Lock Compatible][Stands Sold Separately]

Brent alexander |

Great light and consistent color temp output

Rock solid! i purchased these specifically for talking-head & interview work and so far they've worked without fail. great light and consistent color temp output, the included diffuse and cto panels give you the flexibility to move quickly from an office to outside. the travel case and barn doors are a must have in my book. you won't be disappointed with these lights....thanks fovitec!

Virginia silverman |

Low price really good quality

Today price means almost everything and this lighting kit is easy on your wallet. don't let the price of this lighting kit fool you. the price is very affordable for the kind of light you get with this led light. build quality is also pretty good at this price range and the light unit should survive a few bumps. with 900 led lights, the light output is amazing and can also be lowered using the adjustable dimmer. i have this panel in my van and it is a life saver when i am shooting dark venues. this is a great product if you are needing good light and great captures.

Lynn j. |

Great value

Bought a studiopro double s-600d led kits with stands already. needed to get an individual led panel to put on a boom arm. excellent quality. very powerful. great value!