Brand : Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock: Merry Holiday

Eryn |

Must have

Love the fraggles. i grew up watching them, and now my nephew watches them. he is almost 2 years old and loves everything about them! had to get this for the collection. very cute.

Nbarr |


My kids love this movie! we wound up buying a season of fraggle rock on amazon instant video shortly after purchasing this, and we noticed this special is included in that season. whoops! we still love it and watched it often during the christmas season.

Chardy |

Great to have

I already have the complete seasons of fraggle rock on dvd. i got this one knowing that i would be repeating episodes that i have already. it just made it more simple to get this set and keep it with my christmas collection. this way i do not have to mess with my complete set and therefore keep it looking new. i really enjoy watching "the bells of fraggle rock" around christmas time with my children as well as my granddaughters. trust me, it is worth having just to see the smile and laughter on your children faces as well as knowing that your complete set of fraggle rock is safe from harm.