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Frankenstein (Clydesdale Classics)

Roscoe joiner |

Everyman's library edition of mary shelley's frankenstein

This is a beautiful hardbound edition of a true and timeless classic of western literature. a story with great depth, it can be read on several levels: as a tale of horror bred by science, or, at a deeper symbolic level, as an indictment of god the creator for his abandonment of the human race. what is the nature of consciousness, of self-awareness or of life itself? what is the soul? does it even exist? what is the knowledge of right and wrong? these are all questions addressed, either directly or obliquely, in the text. i differ with the publisher only in its selection of the dust jacket illustration (bid deal, right?). this is a novel which must be read in the context of its time, the very early 19th century and the dawn of modern science (generation and application of electricity). the dust jacket illustration might lead a reader to assume a much later time. also, contrary to the impression left by the picture, the story is not about goofy anatomical mistakes. it's not comical, and it's not a farce. the creature does not have his "head on backwards" - in any sense of the word. he is born an outcast and learns to hate a society which hates him merely on sight alone. i made a present of this volume to my niece, a high school student aspiring to a career in fiction, but i judiciously removed the absurd dust jacket before sending it. great reasons for purchasing this edition are the inclusion of a scholarly introduction, along with a detailed chronology of the author's life bringing attention to other achievements in the literature of the time juxtaposed with contemporaneous world and political events. burn the dust cover but buy the book. no one's perfect.

Richardmansel |

The real monster isn't the idiot of celluloid but a highly intelligent being. this is one of my favorite novels ...

Forget the film versions. the real monster isn't the idiot of celluloid but a highly intelligent being. this is one of my favorite novels and i hope you enjoy it as well.

Amazon customer |

Excellent tale

This book started out a little slow for me but i'm glad i pushed through. i really enjoyed the author's style.