Brand : George Mahood

Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain

Brenda ward |

Had me laughung out loud

I rarely find a book that makes me laugh out loud. this one did. i couldn't believe how easily you got your needs. i am from ohio usa. my daughter lived in swindon and bath for 8 years so i got to visit the uk several times. i could invision the terrain and give you credit for you determination. loved the book and congratulations on your daughter.

Nathaniel bandersnatch |

Lovely book!

What a charming read. a blend of travelogue and good old fashioned laddish buffoonery, free country is a wonderful affirmation of what a lovely country the uk is, and what lovely people inhabit it. george mahood's storytelling is excellent, and there is a pleasing undercurrent of friendliness that can't help but make you grin as you read. top work.

Arniek |

I loved it

Humorous writing and endless one-of-a-kind stories. what's not to like? george does a great job of making the reader part of their adventure. makes me wish i was 30 years younger.