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Free Money, Free Stuff: The Select Guide to Public and Private Deals, Steals and Giveaways

V2 |

Saved us $1100 !!

Very late review. bought this in 2008, for $13. saved us $1100 on just one trip alone. though not readily known (even if you search online, this book told us that starwood hotels gives 50% discount to aarp members. at that time that meant 50+ years. now it's 60+ years, but still applies. for some reason, aarp's website is not helpful when it comes to this type of information. my husband and i stayed at sheraton fallsview hotel (canada side) which looked right over niagara falls. the living room had a 18 foot 2 story window overlooking the falls. wow -- it was amazing. our total stay would have been $1900, but based on this book's information, i asked for the special aarp rate, and got the whole stay (all taxes included) for just $760! and because i paid in cash, i got another 10% off. this book more than paid for itself. i just wish that there is a updated version - darn.

C. p. miller |

Very good info

This book is very informative and more up to date than most that are in the same catagory. it is divided into sections that make it easy to find a subject you want to know about. i think it is well worth the price and i would recommend the book to anyone.

Kevin p. |

Good product, good seller

Good service. the book is what it is... has some helpful insights but it's outdated, but not the sellers fault. had a few interesting things i was able to make a little cash on so worth the purchase all around.