Brand : Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs CD102 Chilly Dana Cooling Bandana,  RED

J.p. keslensky |

Much better than expected

I wasn't sure about this bandana when it first arrived. it wasn't what i expected. i thought it was going to be just a fancy piece of cloth to keep the sun off the back of my neck. it isn't that at all, it reminds me more of a leather chamois cloth. it isn't leather or plain cloth but it acts just like a chamois. it is really stiff until you wet it, then it is super soft. it works like a champ at keeping you cool while your working in the sun for hours and hours. i love mine and wear it constantly while working outdoors. i had only one issue when i first got it, which was how to secure it around my neck. i didn't want to have to tie and untie it. i found a stainless steel ring about the size of a quarter similar to a key chain ring. i just pull the two ends of the bandana thru the ring and it secures it around my neck perfectly. easy to put on and take off as needed.

Jennifer h |

All they promise!

These were a lifesaver on a recent trip to disney world in july...i was so surprised how well they worked and really stayed cool for us. the bandana size was great for young kids and honestly, we probably could have cut them in half still for the youngest ones. we found it was best to just carry them damp in a big ziplock bag rather than wet them once in the park because they really need to soak in teh water and are rigid when they are dry. four of these, fully soaked, are a little heavy if you aren't wearing them but we just tossed the ziplock bag under the stroller.

Jr |

Great an essential

The frogg toggs chilly dana is a great product. with the increasing temperatures in the summer the frogg togg is the only way to work outdoors without being hampered by the heat. i learned about this product being used by our troops overseas and it definitely works at home too.