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From the Earth to the Moon

Michael j. mazza |

An exciting classic by a great prophetic mind

Jules verne's novel "from the earth to the moon" is the imaginative story of an attempt, made shortly after the u.s. civil war, to send a projectile to the moon. this daring plan is masterminded by veteran artilleryman impey barbicane, president of the baltimore gun club. the novel follows the progress and remarkable outcome of the venture. "earth. . .moon" is a terrific adventure story and a pioneering classic of 19th century science fiction. it's also an affectionate satire of the united states and the american character as seen through verne's eyes. verne's witty writing had me laughing out loud throughout the book. and furthermore, the novel is about courage, loyalty, and faith in the ability of human beings to overcome incredible obstacles. verne populates his adventure tale with a number of likeable and memorably drawn characters. he cleverly mixes in real scientific data with his fantastic tale. he also establishes the book's literary genealogy early on with references to locke's moon hoax and edgar allan poe's story of hans pfaal. i read this book in the lowell bair translation, which is published as a bantam classic. "earth. . .moon" is suspenseful and exciting; it's also surprisingly poignant and ultimately inspiring. it's an enduring masterpiece by one of the 19th century's great visionary geniuses.

Factual hunter |

Ome of the verne classics a great must read book

As always a jules verne book that predicted something not even seriously considered for over a hundred years after he wrote about it

Terry |

Great book

One of my favorite books. jules verne knew about things that were over 150 years ahead of his time,leading the reader to wonder if jules coujld have been a time traveller. he describes many things he could not possibly hav e known about