Brand : FunKo

Funko Vinyl Vixens: Classic DC - Batgirl Action Figure

Sheryl |

Wonderful item!

My sister-in-law is a huge batgirl fan. we purchased this item as a christmas gift and weren't disappointed! the size is actually much larger than i thought (bonus!), came beautifully packaged, and the detailing is great. thankfully she hadn't already owned this piece so it was a great addition to her batgirl collection! highly recommend.

Larkhall |

Nice alternative to the pop funkos.

I collect pop funkos, and buy them as gifts for others who collect them, but really prefer these funkos that don't look like the usual pop that all look similar with the big heads, etc. this, as well as the rock candy batgirls, are a cute addition for the batgirl collector at very reasonable prices and they look great!

Amanda |

Definitely a good buy!!!

As a huge batgirl fan, i was super excited for this figure. i absolutely love it. it is a decent size and looks great in my collection. i own a few other vinyl vixens and rock candy figures. definitely a buy!