Brand : Mac Dre


Big bone |

Not full songs but it's a good cd for

It's not what i expected but it's mac dre! the music is all mixed together, not full songs but it's a good cd for $4

Don juan | this

I rate this 5 stars out of respect for mac dre but the fact of the matter is thizz continues to re-release already released music. i pre-ordered this months before the release of the album only for it to be delayed for months but that's not the issue. the issue is thizz entertainment's business strategy. a great independent label but they need to release some of the unreleased mac dre tracks and market them real well. according to j-diggs there is a mac dre biopic movie starring mike epps, they should have a good mac dre album ready to be released by then. with unreleased material, rare material etc.