Brand : Gel II

GEL II Reaction Color Change Nail Polish Soak Off Pink Purple Hula Tallulah R130

Sandie mcgann |

I love this nail polish

I love this nail polish. it went from pink to purple depending on the air temperature. i also had it on for 3 weeks. no chips or fading.

Nicole |

Great color

This was such a pretty color, i would always get this color when i would go and get my nails done and now i can do them myself !

Deb h |

Amazing color changing gel polish

Amazing color changing gel polish!! i have lots of fun with this color!! the kids and women around are in love with watching my nails change color (and so am i). these colors are very pretty. the cold is a dark blue/purple and the warm is a pretty pink color. i had to use 3 coats of this to get full coverage. i put one coat of holographic glitter on top of this polish because i personally love sparkle (even at age 42). when my hands are warm but there is good air conditioning blowing the nails have an awesome hombre look to them (tips dark blue/purple & nail beds pink). if it's hot and there is no air conditioning, i can put the tips (or any part of them) on a cold glass and the color changes immediately (only where the nail touched the cold). if my hands are hot and i spritz cold water on them, they get a temporary speckled pattern on them of the 2 different colors. i have put a black stamped design on top of this polish (under the glitter coat) which you can barely see when the nails are cold...but is very visible when the nails are warm. lots of fun!!! buy and enjoy!!! for an accurate image of the colors see this link: