GRACE KARIN Vintage Dresses Women Cropped Short Chiffon Bolero Shrug Black Size S CL2000-1

Kirsten |

Beautiful color.

Small is small- short - doesn't come to waist for a 5'2 , 62 inch small frame girl. beautiful color.. am returning because it is too short, and would order a medium but the arms might be too big. this came immediately, and is really top quality. i just thought it was longer

Book |

That this was of such fine quality by comparison

Outstanding quality! i was so surprised after ordering others that looked similar, that this was of such fine quality by comparison. the fabric is smooth, with almost a sheen to it, substantial body to it, just the right amount of stretch. it is short but that is what a bolero is. sleeves are long on me but i am short and accustomed to that. slips on and off over clothing without bunching due to the nature of the fabric. feels like it will wash up and wear well and have a long life.