Brand : GRK

GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws, 9 by 2-1/2-Inch, 575-Count

Billwleod |

Grk makes great fasteners

I started to use grk fasteners a few years ago and now will not buy anything else. my local supplier sells them by the pound and the price has steadily been increasing. amazon has the best prices with thier propacks and great pricing. i have driven hundreds of these and never broke or stripped a single screw. thier driver bits are some of the hardest torx bits on the market.

Noel hastings |

No split wood! great screw!

The screws are amazing. not a single piece of splitwood, easy to drive, attractive in a redwood deck. i even tried multiple screws near the end of a dry 2x2 and i still never saw a piece split !