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Gaining By Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send by J.D. Greear (2015-07-28)

Brian |

Great focus on ancient truth of jesus

Truly enjoyed jd's book on how we gain when we lose. the world hears this and scoffs. reality is that many times the church hears and scoffs as well. praying for our movements to attract more and more kingdom leaders as we gain by losing!

Jrob17 |

The gospel for churches

I loved this book! it was challenging and informative. it was one of those books i debated about reading because i was uncomfortable with maybe being called to missions and because maybe "it didn't apply to me." boy was i wrong! this book is for the layperson and the clergy (which honestly, there should be no difference but that is how all of us see it unfortunately). i have been blessed for a long time by j.d. greear's preaching and to finally read a book by him blessed me just as much. the main argument from this book is that a healthy church is a church that is constantly outwardly focused. a church focused on evangelism and church planting. if you have quality people don't keep them to yourself send them. so how does greear make his case for this? by dispelling myths about sending out your people. and sadly these are myths that many if not all of us succumb to. this book is well written and i can imagine geear saying each word in his grumbly hoarse voice. each page oozes scripture and is solidly gospel focused. highest recommendation

Arthur b. |

Book review -gaining by losing

Gaining by losing by j.d. greear on the looseleaf front cover has the words "why the future belongs to churches that send." those words are compelling and soul searching. i have seen the pre publishing glimpse of this book and was looking forward receiving it. with those words on the outside cover, i was wondering what was on the inside. i was intrigued with the premise of this book. for so long i have heard the blessings and, yes, the plea's for people to consider missionary work whether over sea's or in their local area. coupled with starting new churches or going to that mission field for a couple of weeks and canvass the area. of course, you can imagine what happened, little or no people volunteered. i believe when presented with a missionary opportunity we should pray god's will in our life and not discard this opportunity to serve. so what do we do with matt 28:18-20? jesus said we are given authority from heaven but when jesus said "go" we stay. i believe we can't have it both ways. we believe and embrace what jesus said about given authority to us but make excuses when it comes to "go". god help us and forgive us. my choice to abbreviate scripture to illustrated a point. i have read many books and every now and then a books comes along that is above the pack and this book is one. summit church is an example of following the great commission. the book is a treasure trove of examples that church pastors and leaders can use to follow the great commission and god's vision for their church. i have seen too many churches that have accepted their current condition. they have accepted they are not growing and basically hide behind their respective walls. hopefully and prayerfully churches will take heed to the great commission and consider this book and, of course, using the bible as a guide to reaching their community for christ. i received this book from zondervan through cross focused reviews for this review. i was not required to write a positive review. the opinions i have expressed are my own. i am disclosing in accordance with the federal trade commission's 16 cfr, part 255: "guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials to advertising." arthur bowman .