Brand : Stephan Waetzoldt

German Masters of the Nineteenth Century

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A very interestng coverage of 19th century german art. the paintings are full page and in colour, the drawings fare less well

This is the catalogue of a touring exhibition that was shown at the metropolitan museum of art ( mma ) and at the art gallery of ontario in canada in 1981 it appears to have been reprinted by the mma in 2013 the dominant part of the exhibition is the 95 paintings these get the two page display with text on one side and a good quality colour illustration on the other there are 54 drawings, sometimes there is one per page but it is more often two or more per page for both the text and illustration. the illustrations are reasonable quality and all in b&w there are a set of artist biographies in the back-- usually some 10 --15 lines long ( 2 columns per page ). i think there are about 30 such biographies the paintings are arranged alphabetically , then in chronological order for that artist.