Brand : Quiko

Ginger Ridge Meadow Mints Horse Treats - Peppermint Fresh, 3.5 lb. bag

Equine lover |

Horses approve

I prefer the vanilla flavored over these, but i had no complaints from the horses. these are thicker and to my knowledge don't have the glucosamine in them.

Ody |

My horses love these treats

My horses love these treats. they are a nice size and don't crumble in your pocket. i think they are also a pretty good value in comparison to other treats but prices change often so i suppose it depends on what they are selling for when you order.

Mythreekids |

Stars for my briliant horse

Skip loves these treats. i love giving them to him. i have some in every pocket of every coat i own, and i have two different work issued coats and they have these treats in them as well. so i'm prepared to hand over treats whenever.