Brand : The Keeper

GladRags Moon Cup, Size A

Patchouli1971 |

What are you waiting for?

I read a lot of other reviews for this product before buying and decided to take the plunge. i am on month four of use and finally wised up and cut the horrid stem completely off. it was such an irritating little thing that i was even walking funny because it was so uncomfortable. for some reason out of the blue a few years ago it became very uncomfortable to use tampons. i tried several different brands and sizes with no luck. i pretty much gave up and used pads. everyone knows how yucky pads can be to use. i won't even list my gripes with them because if you're a woman, you know. the moon cup has made 'aunt flow's' monthly visit a lot more easier to deal with. the only thing i'm mad about is not getting one of these sooner. i'll probably be going into menopause in the next 7-8 years and i missed out on this wonderful thing for so long.

Truthsayer |

Let it flow

I ordered this product and it arrived very timely. i used it and had no problem with it. i did however cut the stem off too short. i cut it based on the reviews on this product but i should have tried it out first to see just how much i needed to cut. so needed to say i will have to order another one. the first time i used it it worked just like i read about. i was very pleased with it. it was not hard to use. it was a little hard to retrieve because as i foremention the stem being too short. overall i loved my experience with it and i will become a faithful user of the moon cup. thanks.

Daveau |

Best of its kind

The keeper is a great design and made of silicone. the product is easy to keep clean and easy to use. i ordered a diva cup but found the removal tip was way too short for easy use for myself. i appreciate the longer tip. yes, there is blood but isn't there always. less offensive odor than tampons or pads and you are not going to clog the pipes with these or need to find a discrete place to dispose of them. additionally, i believe i experience better vaginal health because the process allows my body to function more naturally. superior to tampons and pads for odor, discrete use and cost. **i like to keep two of these on hand to allow one to be cleaned and dryed between use. still very cost effective as my first one lasted over three years.