Brand : Glamorise

Glamorise Women's Plus-Size Full-Figure Sports Bra 1006, Pink, 40DD

Victoria h texas |

These are my favorite bras for daily wear

These are my favorite bras for daily wear. they provide good support for the buxom woman without the discomfort of underwires digging in or, as often happens to me, poking my upper arm on one side. the straps don't dig into the shoulders as much as bras with narrower straps. unfortunately, that does mean that they sometimes make an appearance, even with garments that don't have an especially open neckline.

Bj |

Perfect performance

Fits great and gives firm, jiggle-free support. exactly what i was looking for. i love this bra. i will order another. i highly recommend it for full figured women who need premium support.

Shopaholic |

So nice

I hate being big breasted and the worst part is finding a bra that fits,is comfortable.and actually holds everything up where it should be. i finally got one!!