Brand : Christopher Hitchens

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

G. carroll |

Well thought out arguments

I'll start out by saying that i agreed with many of the premises of this book before purchasing and reading it. that being said - i don't think these types of books are about persuading a religious person to give up their faith. their intention is to preach to the choir as they say. so the biggest pitfall to a book of this nature is to fall into the same trap that religion does. begging the question and requiring us to go on faith that what we are reading is true. i thought hitchens did an excellent job of relating his arguments to his own life experiences and showing historical examples. his areguments are well thought out but at times (and they are few) he over reaches to make a point. each chapter i found to be intellectual, carefully planned and easily read. there is substancial material in this book and it is worth reading.

Dob |

Take no prisoners

Following the recent books by dennett,harris,dawkins and sagan(druyan) it seemed unlikely there would be more of substance to add to this subject. enter christopher hitchens with his flamboyant rhetoric,incisive logic and biting sarcasm.this is an entertaining and illuminating book by one the best writers and bravest political commentators of the day. his uncompromising "take no prisoners" approach will be uncomfortable to some but his message is urgent and critical -"wake up america before it's too late!".

A. s. krantz |

A worthy and thought-provoking read

A bit of a polemic at times, but nevertheless reasonable critique of the religious literalists and fundamentalists today. i belong to a synagogue that interprets and ancients texts, extracting the good, omitting the bad while providing a valuable cultural community. i am hopeful that the literalists and fundamentalists of all stripes today migrate to this moderated form which benefits all peoples, in my opinion.