Brand : Barney Kasdan

God's Appointed Times New Edition: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays

Laurel van houten |

A messianic viewpoint on the jewish holidays

I found this book very helpful in learning about the jewish(bible) holidays. when i started going to a messianic synagogue, there was a lot i didn't know about the holidays, especially since i was a gentile, and this book was a great help. if you are interested in these biblical holidays check this book out.

J. mann |

The life of jesus is clearer

This book helps me to understand many of the activities that happened in the new testament. i understand why jesus was baptized after his 40 days in the wilderness and why the holy spirit descended during pentecost. i wish all christians could realize that the old testament is meant to be studied and appreciated. that having a new covenant doesn't mean doing away with the history behind the covenant. kasdan writes clearly and explains thoroughly. this book is balanced - full of weighty information without being a textbook. i also love the craft and food ideas at the end of each chapter.

G. gunn |

This book is a great book to understand the biblical holidays

This book is great to understand the biblical holidays, and how relevant they are today, even for the christian believer. the author has included the historical background, the traditional jewish observance, the new testament observance, the prophetic fulfillment, and a practical guide for observing the holiday for believers in messiah. he also includes crafts for kids, recipes, and some music of traditional songs sung at the holiday. i think that in today's christian church, there is very little understanding of the old testament and how it connects with the new testament. we quote matthew 5:17, "“do not think that i came to abolish the law or the prophets; i did not come to abolish but to fulfill." but in practice, we act like the old testament is not relevant, and often disregard it. this book helps make that connection between the nt and the ot in a real and practical way. great resource! i highly recommend the book!