Brand : Jean de Segonzac

God's Chillin'



Probably one of the few television shows, movies, whatnot, i can watch over and over again without tiring of it. the commentaries are funny. too bad there are only two of them. looking forward to the next seasons.

James hiller |


Revolutionary, groundbreaking, intense drama. hbo proves, once again, it has the guts to provide an amazing quality of television for adults. oz is a maximum security unit with an amazing cast of characters, all acting and interacting with each other to provide many, many, tense moments. everyone absolutely shines in their roles, both convicts and officers, and the story never lets down for a moment. lee turgesen is amazing as a newbie prisoner, thrown into the hell his life will become, and arcs from victim to victimizer. each character has an equally remarkable span, until the amazing ending that both is realisitic, and horrifying. rent the dvds, buy them, if you want to watch television story telling at it's finest. if only the networks had the chutzpah to broadcast this!

Diana |

Enjoy raw and dark

Great show - watch the series. enjoying the second time around. watched the series when it was on hbo the first time. very raw and entertaining.