Brand : C. W. Ceram

Gods, Graves and Scholars: The Story of Archaeology

Michael wilds |

Still the best!

This book speaks in human terms about the origins of archaeology. who the first archaeologists were from the grave robbers to collectors, to the codebreakers who deciphered hieroglyphs and cuneiform. the book shows their passion and personalities. from pompeii to sumeria--naples to napoleon. whole dynastic villages of egyptian tomb robbers, mummies moved by priests in the dead of night, luck and research, determination and destruction. there is no book like it..

Holy olio |

Classic survey work, a standard, and easy to read

The original edition was published in 1951 (translated from german), but has been updated from time to time. there are sections on a half dozen or so different civilizations. each section has chapters about how those civilizations were discovered, what is known about them, and how their language was translated (or is being translated, in the case of the maya). the last section pertains to what remains -- known civilizations about which nothing much is known apart from their sometimes extensive ruins. i read this book as a teenager, and recommend this title.

Ddr |

Classic work

This book is one of the classic works on the archeological discoveries of the 19th and early 20th centuries. still a fascinating read some fifty or sixty years after it was first written.