Brand : Adam Rockoff

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978 to 1986

Chris mckay |

More than an amazing reference for fans

After meeting rockoff i picked up his book. i expected it would be filled with references that fans would appreciate. what i found was so much more, as going to pieces is one of the more thoroughly researched books about any film genre that i have read. rockoff's interviews are fresh and he tracked down a lot of people whose contributions have largely gone unnoticed. what's more, rockoff's style is unpretentious and often very, very funny. i loved this book and if you want to go beyond the films and filmmakers every other book or magazine cites, then this book if for you, too.

Mary |

For the horror and slasher fan in all of us

Awesome text and very comprehensive. provides information about various horror films, from the familiar to the obscure. loved every minute of reading it and actually wish it was longer

R.e. |

Thoroughly enjoyable history book

Obviously written by a fan of these films, and of horror in general, this book is a thoroughly enjoyable history of the "slasher" genre. it delves into behind-the-scene stories of how some specific films got made, and how they achieved their status as fine (or less than fine) examples of this much-insulted sub-genre. the scope of this book is specific, and the author did not intend it to be a comprehensive history, but it is a fine addition to any horror fan's library. i truly enjoyed this read!