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Gone with the Wind Photoplay Edition

Glenda bobek |

... that is so well written and held my interest like gone with the wind

I have never read a book that is so well written and held my interest like gone with the wind. i had read it twice before and with my fading memory am reading it again and i cannot put it down. if i live long enough, i may read it again!!

Manuel pacheco |

The immortal historical novel of the us civil war

Gone with the wind is the romantic story of two unforgetable characters, namely, scarlett o'hara and rhett butler, as they are swept into the vortex of the civil war in the united states of america. to me the epic story gripped me from beginning to end because it presented a very credible story of one man's pursuit of a woman's heart who had her heart in another man's castle.this alone would make the story interesting. but what i found most fascinating about the book was the presentation of the rise and fall of the southern way of life as integrally tied to the slave economy, meaning, the use of black slaves to move their economy and how the defeat of the south was a definite game changer to the total life of the united states as it developed from the post civil war up to the modern era.

Amazon customer |

Love the movie

Love the movie, seen it a dozen times. first time reading the book. enjoy all the details that go into the story.