Brand : Edens Garden

Good Night Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 5 ml

P and t zweydoff |

Love it!

I buy this and lavender a lot! i buy this at least once a month! this is my favorite oil! when i first smelled it, i wasn't too sure about it. i place it in my diffuser every night and love how it smells. i only add 3-4 drops with 5 drops of lavender because my husband complains about having crazy dreams otherwise. i have discovered it works on pain too! i was on a way to meet up with a friend for our kids to have a playdate and my neck was killing me. i forgot to take anything before i left the house. i had some good night in my purse that i was going to share my friend to see if she liked it. i put some on my neck not really expecting anything, but thought i really didn't have anything to lose. 3-5 mins later the pain surprisingly was gone!! i raved so much about it to my friend she thought i sold the stuff and was going to place an order with me. had to explain i didn't sell it, but was just a happy customer. :)

Nat hensley |

Eden's garden is awesome!

Eden's garden is a really good brand. i use quite a few from their collection. this is my first time using one for sleep, though i use lavendar for calming. i put a few drops on the mattress under my pillow. it was really nice and i think it helps. i also have tried it in a diffuser for my kids. i think this would work really well for lotions, too.

Shannon |

It smells amazing and works well for this former insomniac

This is incredibly strong. use in moderation or you may sleep all day long. i learned early on to only use 1-2 drops in my diffuser. it smells amazing and works well for this former insomniac.