Brand : Paul Dini

Gotham City Sirens Book One

Amazon customer |

A lot of fun

Essential for any catwoman, harley quinn, and/or poison ivy fan. the story isn't life-changing or anything but it's still fun to read because i just love these characters. the art, however, is incredible! i love looking at the illustrations. i totally recommend this one.

Tim field |

Unlikely housemates, but it works

This series must have flown under my radar when it was originally published, so i am glad for this plus-sized collection of the first thirteen issues. yes, there are plenty of cheesecake shots of catwoman, poison ivy and harley quinn to ogle, but the real treat in the stories is the relationships among these three women, tales involving their backstories, and their tenuous friendship with one e. nigma. the paul dini-penned stories are the best, and the artwork by guillem march and andres guinaldo is the nicest to peruse. looking forward to the second slice of this series coming out later this year.

Joseph cercone |

Fantastic piece of the collection if you're into harley quinn

Fantastic piece of the collection if you're into harley quinn, poison ivy, and catwoman. there are a couple of guest appearances but it solely focuses on the 3. when book 2 releases it will be a great way to complete out the entire gotham city sirens series.