Brand : Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

Impossible girl |

It's worth the money for this audiobook!

I love this audiobook: frank muller does such a good job of reading great expectations, changing his voice for all of the different characters (which is quite impressive in this book, as there are at least 2 dozen!). i use these cds in my classroom and have for years. i had this same set on audio tapes, but after 12+ years, the tapes just gave out. i'm hoping that the cds last longer. i wanted the same reader though, because frank muller really brings the characters to life in this version, if you love great expectations, this is the audio book for you. if you've never read great expectations, but would like to, this is the only version i would recommend! great reader. not abridged. perfect!!

Chiek |

Breathtaking storytelling by charles dickens. thanks to charles in ...

Breathtaking storytelling by charles dickens. thanks to charles in his impressive and artful use of the english language, the french revolution and the birth of the guillotine were painted in the most vivid possible manner for my comprehension. far far more comprehensible and easier than all the factual history books on the french revolution that i have attempted to read.

J. e. lehew |

Wonderful story

Most people have read this book in school. i did not. i am now 76 years old, and finally read it! i thoroughly enjoyed the book.