Brand : Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham (Hebrew) Lo Ra-ev Velo Ohev (Hebrew Edition)

Kristine cross |

Easy to read

My 5 year old loves this book and loves to read. this is a very easy to read book, of course dr seuss books/words are repetitive which makes it easy to read. new condition as promised and came quickly. thanks.

Eileen pollock |

I loved this hebrew translation

The hebrew translation is excellent and idiomatic, and as the reviewer above mentions, the word "ham" is never translated. i had the idea to transform the pictures of ham to lamb. i googled "lamb chop recipes" and carefully cut out and pasted pictures of lamb on top of every picture of green ham. now i read the book to the children (when i translate it to english) as "green eggs and lamb"! i have made the book kosher! the children love it, too.

Liana kim |

An all time classic children's book

Who hasn't read this book? this book proves for itself that this is a classic book. when i was a child, this was one of my favorite books to read. this book had fun rhymes that were silly and which made me laugh til' this day. the text is easy to read and a good book for teaching beginners how to read. this book also teaches a lesson to children about being open-minded in life and to try new things out. a great book, which i urge everyone to read.