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Green Eggs and Ham (Hebrew) Lo Ra-ev Velo Ohev (Hebrew Edition) by Dr. Seuss (1996-01-01)


The greatest book ever

So, this is the bookwhere jim meets bob, and they go to ampm to getthe new orange slush e. dude!!!! it tastes likeorange slush e. dude!!!! and they saw a movie!!! it was like spongebob squarepant!!dude!!! then the yellow and pink dude! dude!!!!!!!!! this book is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ( did i spell it right?)!! today i wnet downstairs to eat frosted flakes cuz theyre good. i like fruit loops, too. my mom says they taste kinda bad shes cool dude. my mom is like a mom!!!dude!!!!!!!! did u know i saw a cockfight (chickens dude). i wanted to see a dodo cuz theyre like dead d00ood!!!!!!!! when i was small a camel spit on me, i hate camels. when i grow up i want to own a lot of llamas like my teacher mrr. hills. dood!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i went to the mall, i bought clothes at a clothes shop. weird but cool!!!! i want to *rap on a bird cuz they dump on mi.they're mean cuz they dump a lot. is this review long? well, i'll keep going. i like video games, like the one where kill laiens dood!!!!!!!! shouldd i stop? naw cuz people luv wut i gotta say. i like to read books, like the one i was reading now, like the cat in the hat where a dog is like sad so he gets a bone, and he's happy. i like dogs, like chiwawaws. when i grow up i wanna be a dog. dogs have life so easy. chiwawas are cool.

Joanna kimball |

Amazon makes it so easy! 1 click to get this masterpiece to my ...

Amazon makes it so easy! 1 click to get this masterpiece to my tablet so my granddaughter could start learning to read! i had previously sent the hardcover home with another granddaughter! thanks, amazon and dr. seuss!

Lilo |

I love it

This is one of my favorite book from the dr seuss collection.and i love reading it to my son.he like it too..