Brand : Julia Donaldson;Axel Scheffler

Gruffalo. Pop-up Theatre Book by Julia Donaldson (2008-11-15)

Smartmommy |

Both me and my toddler love it

First of all, thanks to everybody who left their positive reviews about this book on amazon. if not for you, i would have never discovered julia donaldson and her books. now we own a few and love them all. this one is a favorite, clever funny story, beautiful illustrations. my toddler may not fully understand all the humor in the story, but understands enough to enjoy it even at this age and asks for it every day. one of my husband's favorite books too :)

Totorogirl |

Cute story that is fun to read & has beautiful artwork

This is a wonderful book. i read it to my 2 yr old and my 9 yr old. bought it after watching the movie which is narrated by helen bonham carter. the artwork is beautiful. such a cute story that both adult and child will like.

Rebecca |

A must have for every toddler

My two year old son loooves this book! he was first introduced to it at daycare. he talked about it so much, grandma had the book shipped from amazon. it is beautifully written, easy to read, and is great for the imagination. we have been reading it every night as part of our bedtime routine for 2 months, and i do not see that changing anytime soon. i will be purchasing many more books from this author.