Brand : Smartlife

HAFURY UMAX 6.0 inch 3G Phablet Tablet Unlocked Smartphone Dual Sim Android 7.0 2GB RAM+16GB ROM 4500mAh Battery OTG Back and Rear Camera 1280 x 720 Pixel IPS Screen (Black)

Fannie farkle |

I love it. plain and simple

This phone......i love it. plain and simple. i hope this company never stops making these. i have had many phones. this by far is the best. i still cant get over the price. perfect!

Gadget inspector |

This phone is huge, but there's huge value for the price

I was surprised at how nice this phone was when i pulled it out of the box. the first thing i noticed was how big it is. i have an iphone 6s+ and i think its just a tad bit larger. the 6s+ has a 5.5 inch display and the harfury has a 6 inch ips display. after using it for about a week i can't see any major cons and for $120 i feel like i got a lot. it even comes with a clear protective case already installed. specs the screen has a resolution of 720p, the phone has a 1.3 ghz quad core processor, 2 gigs of ram and 16 gigs of internal memory. the phone accepts a micro sd card allowing expansion up to 128gb. there are also two sim card slots. it is running android 7.0 nougat. build quality the phone appears to be made of plastic, but when i picked it up it really felt premium. the matte finish on the back allows for good gripping and it is not slippery at all. it has a nice weighty feel to it, probably due to the huge 4500mah battery inside. the volume and power buttons feel good and sturdy, but not clicky or overly bouncy. overall, it definitely feels like a more expensive phone. screen quality first of all, the phone comes with a screen protector already installed. that is definitely a bonus because i hate installing them myself (nerve racking) but i always want to have one on my phone. the screen is nice and bright but like most smartphones does get a lot of reflection outside. the 720p resolution is nice and crisp and watching youtube videos or movies feels like the hd experience i've become accustomed to. camera quality it has a 13mp rear facing camera and a 5mp front facing camera. i'm not that impressed by the pictures or the video quality, but they are fairly usable. i'm probably spoiled by the camera on my iphone. sound quality it has two speakers on the bottom and while they put out good volume i kinda wish they got louder. the speakers sound about how most all smartphone speaker sound...meh. performance after using this phone for about a week i didn't notice any lag when scrolling through websites or through apps. very snappy and responsive. the 10-point sensitivity of the screen definitely shows when zooming, pinching and tapping. i was expecting some choppiness or slowdown, but it never happened. it can handle pretty much any game or graphic intensive application as well. using as a phone about what you would expect. nothing fancy. just know that it only connects to 2g and 3g networks, so no 4g or lte accessibility on this one. final thoughts overall, this is a really good smartphone for just above a hundred dollars. the large display and solid functionality make this a 5-star product imho.

Wednesday lee friday |

Impressive with a big, beautiful screen.

I wasn't sure what advantages (if any) that an android phone had over an iphone, so i gave this model a try. note that the price is well under half what even the most basic iphone costs new. the phone itself is huge, roughly the size of an iphone 6. screen resolution seems more crisp than my iphone se. the screensavers move and are really cool looking. it's super simple to get all the main apps (youtube, netflix, kindle, google suite, etc). the selection of available apps seems on par with what apple offers, if not larger. plus it's easy to use the entire google platform, which you might want to do since you have a giant screen to work with. camera is also on par with the iphone, so that's great. the phone feels like it came with a case on it. it seems a little too easy to take the back off and expose the battery. i did that essentially on accident, thinking i was removing the case. otherwise, i really have no complaints. response time for apps is fast, and downloading speed is on par with all my other wifi devices. if you're thinking of making the switch, or are just looking for a decent android phone--this one gets my reccommends. very nice product!