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HTC First 16GB Unlocked GSM Android Cell Phone - Red

Xander |

One of the best phones

This phone was given too hard a review by the so-called tech pundits. unjustly so. this is a solid device that runs flawlessly. it is either for you or not for you, but if you appreciate the dexterity and diversity of android as well as if you are an avid facebook, instagram and tumblr (yes, these are also integrated into the lock-screen), then this is the device for you. htc hit this one out of the park. forget the reviews, forget the nay-sayers, forget the foolish comments. this is a great phone for form-factor, weight, functionality and size. its a shame they are so hard to come by.

Mariano ozuna |

The best of the best

The best of the best, but still would like to buy this phone, seems to be exhausted, but i'm grateful, good forntal and rear camera, compare it to other cellular htc 8 mega pinxeles and this cell was much more real and bright, resolution for games, very fast, lovely thin, and the optimum conditions. grateful to the seller for telling the truth recommend 1000 x 1000. better than what i have gained in amazon.