Brand : Eda House

Half Toe Sleeve Metatarsal Pads,Ball of Foot Cushion Bunion Pads Forefoot Insoles for Pain Relief-1 Pair

Kelly suarez |

Fantastic product

Practical and fits well, especially when you are also getting socks or stockings on. stays in place. can't do without them.

Marilyn rogers |

Great cushion for your feet

This is a life saver. i have a real problem with the ball of my feet and i get a big callous with an ulcer under it. this is great for helping me control not only the pain but it helps cushion it as well. so glad i bought this.

Linda johnson |

Great purchase!

I've had these for a few days and love them! i had bunion ectomies, and this helps keep my big toe separated from the others and in such a comfortable way! well worth the money if you're suffering.