Brand : Rena A. Finney

Halfway To Tomorrow (Urban Soul) (Urban Soul Presents)

Michelle d. mcgriff |

Halfway to tomorrow took me all the way there

Although halfway to tomorrow is general fiction, it is a book that could easily be read by christian fiction readers who love a real theme with a bit more edge. rena finney steps onto the mainstream platform with a book that tells a real story in a real way. the characters are not over the top or are they sappy and preachy. the progressive storyline is realistic and ends where you should expect it too. it's not designed to be (in my opinion) a brain twisting mystery nor a chest heaving hot romp...but a well told story. and it was. rena finney's freshman effort has me anxiously awaiting her next.

Arnetta |

Takes you to another level

Wow! halfway to tomorrow is a well crafted novel. once i began reading it i just couldn't put it down. the characters were so alive. from beginning to end i was enthralled. this book is definitely a must read! i highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

Roy glenn |

You're gonna love this story!

Rena a. finney's novel, halfway to tomorrow is a well-told story, spun by a master storyteller. you will fall in love with her characters and laugh until you cry. it is a must read.