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Hamlet: Tragödie (Fischer Klassik Plus) (German Edition)

N. kirchner |

Mcbeth arkangel cd\

The cd brings the play to life especially for young people who may not be accustomed to shakeaspeare's style. i am home schooling my 15 year old grandson and am a retired teacher who often taught literature in high school. i find that having the student read a few scenes, then discussing those scenes and then following in the text while playing those same scenes for them to listen, makes them realize the depth of the text as well as the beauty of the language.

T. browning |

Nfs hamlet

As an english teacher who tries to tie the traditional to modern learning styles and activities that engage students, i finally took the plunge and invested in a couple of these books. obviously i prefer the traditional language, but some students just don't get it. this side by side version allows students at all spots of the learning continuum to appreciate shakespeare's work. it's helpful that even when we're reading a section in the modern english, we an pop right over to the original shakespearean language for key soliloquys or just to check out a beautiful passage! spark notes maintains the integrity of the original.

Starr gold |

Dig it.

I really dig these cheap shakespear paperbacks. after a hard day at the shop, unwind with a beer and the freakin bard, 4 reals.