Brand : Haribo

Haribo Balla Stixx Strawberry 1125grams

Reasonable person |

Yum, but blue is better

Coworker brought back the blue ones and we had to try these. super delicious. great to share, they went quick! its like a surgary filling surrounded by gummy

Gardenmomma |

And was so happy to find some online

I missed these when i came home from germany, and was so happy to find some online. they're yummy! a little thinner than their german counterparts, but otherwise the same great taste.

Harriet featherstone |

These are delicious!

I love licorice, and for years i've been searching for a white-filled licorice that i had in london in the early 90s. i thought this might be it, but these are not quite what i'm looking for. i'm glad i tried them though, because they are still delicious, though extremely sugary. i was expecting these to be about the diameter of a pen, but they are more slender. the box is huge! i've had to bring it to work to share.