Brand : Haribo

Haribo Maoam Kracher -200 g Bag

Andrew gaerlan |

Great tasting candy

I wish i could find more of this stuff in the us. i first discovered these candies at the base exchange during a deployment to al udeid ab, and amazon is the only place i've been able to find it ever since. it's priced higher than what you find in the store, but i assume it's to cover the cost of bringing it to the us. if you've never had this candy before, this is the best way i can describe it. although it is not gum, the initial bite into the candy has the exact taste, crunch, and flavor rush you get when you first bite into an old-school gumball. then, as the chewy candy disolves, the initial sour flavor turns somewhat sweet through finish. of course, this leaves you craving another burst of flavor; don't be surprised to be tempted to eat the whole bag in one sitting! the flavors in the bag are a mix of fruit (pink, green, yellow, orange, and red), and cola (brown). if you're a haribo gummi cola bottle lover, you'll recognize the cola flavored krachers!!! enjoy!

Marika007 |

My favorite candy!

My favorite german candy, well actually my all time favorite. they are chewy and have a slight sour taste when you bite into them.i will continue to get these. i'm happy amazon sells them!

James rosenberg |

Only the best

From one cavity filled sweet-toothed mouth to another, haribo makes the best gummies. and this product, maoam kracher, is my favorite candy of all time. thank god they started selling it amazon. before this, the only place i've found it is in the bangkok airport section f and some random german export candy store that costs a fortune. thank you haribo.