Brand : Haribo

Haribo Saure Gurken (Sour Pickles ) Tub -150 pcs

Peter trzop |

One of the best haribo gummi's out there

Haribo is the standard for gummi's. out of the entire range of choices, i find the saure gurken to be a nice blend of sour and sweet. everyone who trys them at our home loves them, so be careful :) i tried to buy them at german deli, but they are almost always out of stock along with charging outrageous shipping costs. it was very nice to find them here. enjoy!

T. wise |

Amazing german haribo product!

My family and i spent many years in germany and my wife fell in love with the haribo's made in germany. the ones made in the us, mexico, and turkey just don't have the same flavor or texture and if you've had these from germany you can truly tell the difference. thank you for offering these on amazon. while more expensive than globus i'm happy to pay a little extra to see my wife happy now that we're back in the states!

Darrell |


These were so good. i got these twice. i plan on getting more. i kept this in my drawer at work and would eat one a day so i could have it last. i will be getting more.