Brand : Hario

Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper (Size 03, Black)

Rachael budd |

Great product! recently got into home brewing coffee and ...

Great product! recently got into home brewing coffee and this is a must have!! makes my coffee taste great. i had questions so it helps that the sellers are nice. i'll definitely choose hario for all my coffee needs

Cla |

High quality pour-over coffee maker

Got this so i could make single servings of coffee at work without busting out the huge chemex "vase". shopped around on amazon for a bit before deciding against the plastic version... why go through all the trouble if you're just going to pour your coffee through plastic? the ceramic version turned out to be very sturdy and doesn't impart any "off" flavors to my coffee. also, much quicker than my single serve french press which is a pita to wash everytime. the vortex ribs cause water to run through the paper, down the ribs, and straight into your cup without steeping in the coffee grounds, so it's best to pour water in a little bit at a time, about 1/3 of the way up and repeat a few times. this makes for a much stronger brew. with my chemex, i don't have to be so careful because of the smooth glass and thicker paper which allows more time for the water to mingle with the grounds :) 11/15/2012 edit: i've been using my chemex filters in this and the flavor is definitely stronger since the thicker paper holds the water in for just a tad bit longer. doesn't hurt that the chemex filters are cheaper than the hario ones! skip the hario filters ;)

R. dawud |

Makes great coffee!

The product is great, the build is strong, and i love the coffee i drink every morning. i replaced my french press with this on the advice of a friend and don't see myself turning back anytime soon. be sure to learn the proper brewing techniques if you're planning on getting one; it makes a huge difference in the taste.