Brand : Spencer Williams

Harlem Collection, Volume 1 (15-DVD)

Herbert booker |

Best deal on african-american films ever!

Started collecting race films on vhs videotape format more than a decade ago and when dvd was introduced, switched from vhs videotapes to dvd and guess what? picture quality and sound were just as good in dvd and often even better, believe it or not? now i am waiting for many titles to be formatted also on dvd. next i'll be replacing my vhs videos of richard roundtree, fred williamson and other african-american action heroes of the early 1970s. oscar micheaux and spencer williams produced most of the african-american films from 1920 up to the mid-1940s. but! fifteen dvds for such a low price, no way you can lose of such a deal! i have never ever had a faulty vhs videotape nor dvd from amazon, they set the standards others wish they could follow and deliver upon, they are number one!

Cleveland young |

Blackcinema in american history

This colletion of early black films is a rare look at the outstanding contributions made by african american artists in the earler times of american history. it showcases some of the outstanding talent that went unsunged during a time when ex[posue to black culturse was at a minimun. while some of the films show siginificant wear over time, the overall effect of the presentaions are truly classic.