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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 7/7 (Harry Potter 7) by J.K. Rowling (2014-09-01)

Jones |

Some packaging details...

A few people on here have made remarks about the packaging and the shipping, good and bad. i'd like to give a little more depth on both of these topics. first, the shipping. some have complained about their set being damaged (rips, bent corners, etc). i purchased mine directly from amazon and it was shipped by fedex. i was worried because of the reviews that it'd be damaged, but those fears were soon extinguished. the box the set was shipped in contained some of those plastic bags full of air for padding, and sure enough, when i took the set out, it was 100% spotless, perfectly new. i'm hoping this will continue to be the case for others, because it really is frustrating to open a new item and find it damaged by poor padding or incompetent boxing. now, the actual packaging of the set. if you've read any other reviews for it, you've certainly been made aware of the gloriously beautiful artwork done by graphic novelist kazu kibuishi. and i agree completely with them; the artwork is one of the main reasons to own this set, even if you already own the books. having read mr. kibuishi's amulet series and copper comics, i can safely say that this is the best artwork he's created. it's remarkably, wonderfully detailed, and you will no doubt be compelled to admire every subtle inclusion of characters and accurate environmental depictions. it's lush, perfectly colored and toned, obviously passionate work. i'm so glad they got him, of all people, to do this. concerning the physical descriptions of this set besides the artwork, i've been surprised at remarks of the paper being of cheap quality, though the covers have been lauded for their "softness." the covers are indeed soft and have a milky texture to them. very high quality stuff. the artwork is crystal clear on them and the box. but the paper is not cheap; it is of a rich material, certainly not the "mass market paperback" quality that another viewer opined. it's very good, especially for paperbacks such as these. scholastic has impressed me. the box has also been an issue, with many saying it's too small. it is a bit of a tight fit, i'll admit, but some other reviewer said it took them 30 minutes to get a book back in. they must have been being extraordinarily meticulous with it, because that is not the case, i assure you. the box was thicker than i imagined, sturdier, and that's always good. even if you end of not using it for storage, you definitely will not want to throw it out. there's one more thing concerning the packaging that i'm surprised people haven't spoken much about: the binding. these are paperbacks, so if durability is your utmost concern, the original hardcover set is still the way to go. but these scholastic paperbacks are of better binding quality than the arthur a. levine published ones, a few of which i used to have. those creased very easily, their bindings aren't durable at all; they operate mostly as reading copies. this set, on the other hand, has much more durable bindings. yes, it's still scholastic, so they aren't as durable as a hardback or an expensive paperback, but they are glued quite well, and won't crease unless you crank back on them. this is good, because it would truly be a shame if the image the lined-up spines create were tarnished in any way. i hope this has been helpful to any potential buyers. this series is exemplary reading; consider it a must-own.

9 year old, lucia o. |

The amazing harry potter series!

From an 8 year old reader who has read the series multiple times (i am welcoming suggestions on other series that will capture her interests over more re-reads of hp!): "the harry potter series is phenomenal. i really like that it had lots of magic. jk rowling is very imaginative! i hope more readers will read harry potter."

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Lovely looking set.

Bought these as a christmas gift for my granddaughter. it makes a pretty-looking set as a gift, arrived safely, nothing bent...perfect. she will love them as i did. she has a kindle, but some books you just have to "have", and harry potter series is a prime example.