Brand : Joy Preble

Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia)

Sconion |

Five stars with good reason - they were earned!

I had never read a ya novel until i picked up dreaming anastasia. the reviews were good and the premise sounded like a good one. not only was i not disappointed, i found myself hungry for a second installment. in haunted, joy prebles further refines and deepens the central characters from the first book. they are richly drawn and finely detailed. her characters are at once gifted and all are fully human enough to give into the foibles we have all experience. to cause us to suspend our beliefs while showing us normal human flaws, quirks, eccentricities and strengths is a quite a trick and one ms. prebles handles masterfully. she further cements her reputation by taking on a challenge few writers would attempt - a narration from three different perspectives. anne, ethan and baba yaga's narrations are done in distinct voices with no bleeding into each other that one would expect. as the story progresses ann grows as a person as her special talents grow. the same can be said of the other characters. they all change and develop, growing into larger, better more complex versions of themselves. haunted is a novel that delivers the goods. it is a good story, well told by a woman who knows her craft. the book is engaging from the first page, challenges us to keep up throughout and provides a dynamic conclusion. that conclusion will lead us into the third book in the series, anastasia forever. i can't wait and suggest you don't wait to buy a copy of haunted. anastasia forever, i believe, will be out this in august or september.

Las reviewer |

Fantastic read

Anne michaelson's only dream is to be a normal girl. no magic, no immortal boyfriend, no crazy mythical russian mermaids chasing her about. unfortunately, she's not about to get her wishes granted anytime soon. trying to recover from the trials of the previous year, she finds herself knee-deep in the middle of it all again. in all fairness, anne does her best at appearing as normal as she can. she resists the magic and the weirdness until it overtakes her and everyone around her, leaving her no choice but to fight back. however, in spite of all that weirdness, she remains oddly grounded for a seventeen-year-old. i was highly impressed with her relative lack of attitude towards her parents and the usual teenage angst that you find in novels like this. that's not to say that she and her mom didn't have their moments, or that she didn't have her own, dark thoughts, because she did. the difference here is that those moments all helped the story move forward instead of just painting anne as a selfish, spoiled child. ethan, on the other hand, is a one-time immortal learning to deal with being mortal again for the first time in decades. in between his moments of indecision, once the weirdness of the year before finds anne again, he never once hesitates to do what he believes is right - and that is to protect anne at all costs. he is my idea of a real hero. ethan is considerate, conscientious, and one hundred percent dedicated to anne and only anne. when they're together, they're completely and utterly happy, no matter how bizarre the circumstances. even without having read the preceding book in this series, dreaming anastasia, i was able to not just follow along, but thoroughly enjoy haunted. ms. preble has a masterful way of weaving a story that is not just romantic, but exciting and magical. you'll be loath to leave anne and ethan behind when the book closes. haunted is a wonderful and imaginative story for both older teens and adults alike. entertaining and magical to the very last page. originally posted at the long and short of it romance reviews

Sharon |

Great book!! can't wait for the third!!!

This is the 2nd book in the dreaming anastasia series and it is great!!!! i can't wait to read the third one!! the only way i can sum up this series is historical fiction meets sci-fi. right up my alley!! i definitely recommend to anyone that is looking for a new read and wants something "different". if you haven't already, read the first book, "dreaming anastasia" first because otherwise, it doesn't make sense!! :)