Brand : Big Business

Head for the Shallow

Jack attack |

Hearing is believing

Yes, it's jared & coady, and yes it's very good. very loud and rockin'. basically it's a 2-piece (bass & drums) as a live band...but for this recording, they got some backing guitar help from several sources (one being dave from the shins i believe). this record will have your head bobbing and your fist punching the air. one part guilty pleasure, and one part warm & cozy feeling. this album leaves me longing for the days when mc devils and karp both ruled the pacific northwest, as well the gaining a large cult following around the u.s. and eventually the world well past their demise. and while they have yet to do a massive tour through the states (they've done quick excursions on the east & west coasts), they will be everywhere very very soon. for those fortunate enough to see them already, certainly they were not disappointed... i could go on and on...just check them. you'll be convinced.

J. j. mckenna |

Sturm und drang

I bought this album after buying the band's second full-length, here come the waterworks. this album does not have one track that is anything less than total all-out assault on the ears. coady is one of the best drummers i have ever seen live. this album is pure energy and smashmouth thrash metal. i would compare it in some respects to helmet's strap it on, another one of my all-time favorite albums, and bands.

J.j. kilroy |

Hessian - raspy soulful vocals shouting over thundering distorted bass and grooving drums

This is very similar to the melvins or high on fire, but with more of an american soul (not that melvins and high on fire aren't pure american hessians). great song writing with catchy vocals. the thrashing heavily distorted bass drones at about 200 beats a minute, very very fast. after buying the new sepultura, and mastodon, i knew i was looking for something with vocals more blues-influenced. and then i remembered how impressed i was with big business, bought head for the shallow, and man this album rocks! i've been listening to it over and over for weeks. with just two members, i'd say they're twice as potent as all 4 melvins. i first heard big business when they played live with high on fire. it was killer! they were terrific! a two-piece, bass and drums, with the bass-player thundering passionate and soulful vocals. this is a very live band. this is as close to motorhead as you'll get without lemmy. cover artwork is lame lame lame, but you'll want the lyrics, because the lyrics are a little bit unintelligible with all the tonal range the vocalist covers...his vocals are a whole metal opera by themselves.