Brand : Health Valley

Health Valley Organic Multigrain Cereal Bars, Blueberry Cobbler, 6 Count

Marie |

Five-stars good!

I bought these for a daughter of mine because they are an *organic multi-grain cereal bar; which, i believe is a healthier alternative to *pop tarts. with the semi-negative reviews, though, i was skeptical and thought she probably would not like them but she said these and the *blueberry ones are five-star good! so, for us, this is a winner.

J corley |


I don't like this one as well as the strawberry but it is very good. much like fig newtons only blueberry.

Bottomline |


I have a bar every day for breakfast (as i need something but am not a breakfast person). they are delicious, satisfying, and healthy. also, they have few calories.