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Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Luvtoread |

Heaven is for real

This book and other books when you actually think about it makes you wonder what is beyond and how do we get there? the main thing in this book is that there was a lesson in all of that and heaven,god,and jesus is the answer to to al your questions. he knows everything your deepest darkest secrets and things from your past and future and weather or not you choose to accept the fact that he is the only one who is perfect,whole,pure,holy,amazing,and probably the only one youll ever know who loves you so much that he would hang on a cross for you and die that brutally. jesus loved us so much that he died for us yet we dont care we just go around the globe killing, raping, and going against the bible that is inhumane and selfish im only 11 and know jesus i cried knowing that he accepts me for me behind all the makeup and glamor and showlights your an ammature person who messes up everyday. so what im trying to say is that you shouldnt turn your back on jesus if he never turned on you!

Willene |

Beautiful story for children.

I read the adult version to my grandkids, condensed version, and was so happy to find a kids version. gave to all my grandkids for christmas. the story is easily understood and the illustrations beautiful.

Mandy |

A book worth reading!

I loved that the authors structured the book according to a timeline of the events. it made me feel like i was experiencing it with them! i would recommend it to all my friends and family, whether christian or not. the book isn't preachy, it just offers the events and the affect they had on the burpo family. so wonderful! i thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it definitely affected my views on heaven!