Brand : Heinz

Heinz Beans Snap Pots, 4 count, 800 g

J. s. bowen |

I love these snap pots - they are perfect for one ...

I love these snap pots - they are perfect for one person and so fast to microwave. they taste super yummy but they are british baked beans and so will not have an american taste.

Katytexas |

Please bring to the us!!!

I first bought these while staying in london a few years ago - they are so well packaged! i never realized that food in cans can be kind of depressing or something.

Jill hughes |

Heinz snap pots

These little pots are fantastic. i love heinz baked beans being a brit...and i'm always buying packs of the cans from amazon, so when i saw these i had to get them too. they are so handy...just enough for one person when you want a snack, and don't want to have to open a large can and then put the leftovers in the fridge. ideal....if you want to just pop in microwave to heat hot....or i often like them cold just open them and enjoy. be getting more of these that's for sure.