Brand : Heinz

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Hot & Spicy, 14 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Prepossessing truth |

Great value.

This product is hard to fidn in stores. its a good price, and taste greats on anything you would normally want kethcup on. you could probably have the same effect by just mixing tabasco sauce in regular ketchup..but this tastes much better. it seems that the kick is on the back end of the ketchup. i love it on my french fries and breakfast potatoes. :)

Pam adams |

Heinz hot & spicy

I always was able to find this heinz tomato ketchup hot & spicy at our martin's market or walmart but for some reason they quit carrying it. i was so dissapointed because i use this for my meatballs every year for my husband christmas party. i decided to try amazon to see if by some chance it would be available there, sure enough there it was! my meatballs were a big success! thank you amazon for carrying this great product! i will be buying more of it and so will a few of the girls who asked for the recipe. heinz hot and spicy makes the best sauce!

Tealbrand |

Best spicy ketchup

Always love heinz product grew up using the plain ketchup eat ketchup almost on everything and i thought i try this and i was not dissapointed it was very awesome the familys love it and with frys or hotdogs it give you that spicy kick you want!will buy more when we run out