Brand : HeyUU

HeyUU Women's Semi Opaque Solid Color Soft Footed Pantyhose Tights 2 Pack (6 Pairs-Black/Dark Blue/ Burgundy/Red/Mustard/Royal Blue)

Robyn |

Nearly perfect!

Brown tights are hard to find in stores. i took a chance and got these; so glad that i did. they are nearly perfect. the color is exactly what i wanted (a rich brown), and they are thicker than pantyhose but thinner than leggings. they are also very soft, which i did not expect. getting two pair for less than one pair of tights in the store is a bonus. highly recommend!

Lindsey |

Good tights at a good price.

I found these tights to be quite opaque and bright. i used the bright blue color for a halloween costume and they worked perfectly!

Gabrielle s. |

Love these! will buy more!

These are amazing! i ordered these with hesitancy. i needed new skin tone tights and was struggling to find something that would fit me that was more opaque. generally if i wanted something opaque it meant getting "dance" tights which were often way to tight in the band. i'm a little on the larger side. generally wearing a large or 14/16 pants. being one size that said it would go up to 180 lbs i was taking a chance these wouldn't fit. (i weigh more then that...) but i was pleasantly surprised! these fit great. they have a ton of stretch to them and they're really soft! if you are a larger girl i can see you easily and comfortably fitting into these as they never feel too tight especially in the waist/tummy area. if you wan't control top these tights don't have those but i did a simple fix by buying some skin tone skinnygirl "spanx style" control shorts to wear over the tights so i get the benefit of control and coverage if i'm wearing a flowy skirt on a windy nw washington day. i'm also very fair skinned. these work but are slightly darker then what i was hoping for. they are also holding up to multiple wears and washes really well too!