Brand : Tobi Apps Limited

Hidden Objects

Kj |

Great fun, simple concept, but so enjoyable!

So much fun! the only down side is that the game will freeze and exit at random times. i don't know if it is my kindles issue or if it's a game issue. overall, though, i love this game and will keep playing no matter the issue. getting the deluxe edition is so very worth it.

Jl mo |

What a great game!

If you enjoy hidden objects, you've found gold here. the first level, consisting of fifteen puzzles, is free. then, if you choose to purchase this game (who wouldn't?), seven levels are unlocked, with fifteen puzzles each. once you've successfully solved all of the puzzles, an eighth level is unlocked. it appears to offer two additional after that. the game allows you to have up to three players. it allows replay as many times as you wish, and the score does not reset unless you conclude the puzzle (no resets for just opening the scene). the kindle has a zoom feature, where the ipad does not. great game. treat yourself. the only drawback is there is so much to play, it's hard to put down.

Lolo |

Great game

I am totally sold on this hidden object game it is intriguing, innovative, fun i would recommend it ot friends and family