Brand : Fitzroy Maclean

History of the Scottish Clans

William c. gordon jr. |

Scottish clans

Great book. i was looking for something about my heritage. this book gives me some great history and startign areas

Deborah macgillivray |

A lovely gift for those interested in scotland

A wee bit more of a coffee table book than a really history book, it gives those interested in scotland an arm chair view of scotland from its origins to culloden. the history is very good, more than a wee guide to...and is loaded with 100s of gorgeous colour photos of every aspects of the wonderful and beauty of scotland, from its stone circles to jewellery, portraits and naturally, the castles. after the epilogue, it has a quickie clan and tartan section, so the book is everything for the person wishes to learn a little more than 'braveheart' about scotland. likely one of the best in this range of lots of photos and a good start on its history.

Shawn marchinek |

Scottish history from the highlander's view

Highlanders, a history of the scottish clans by fitzroy maclean, is a wonderful and magnificent book. the book was full of colorful picture which helped to bring everything to life and help to add to the tale mr. maclean was telling. the primary focus is from the late 1200's to the 1745 and the clearances that followed the battle of culloden. at the end is a colorful index of the highland scottish clans with a tartan and a short history. this book was great. i received it as a gift from my good-parents and have used it as a reference in my own research and browsed the picture numerous times for the last year or two. i finally sat down and read it from cover to cover and was amazed. i have read numerous books on scottish history but never realized how lowland focused those really are. this book shows it from the highlanders point of view. it helped to show that not all scots were highlanders and they didn't get to write many of the history books. yet history is told by the victors and the lowlanders took over the historic stage. this book helps to bring that balance back to history. this is more than a reference book with great pictures. it truly is scottish history from a new perspective and very appreciated. a must for scottish fans, especially for those of highland descent.