Brand : Bette Midler

Hocus Pocus [Blu-ray]

Summer |

Love(d) this movie - 20 years and counting.

My daughter and i love this movie... going on 20 years now. its a great family/chick flick that is well acted - bette midler, sarah j parker. now we have it in every format it came out in. lol

David t. |

Great for halloween

I've showed this video to all my neices and nephews every year when we go on our family annual fall camping trip. they love it along with the cookies and apple cider. it's a great family video to watch.

I. bennett |

Great movie the second time around!

I bought this movie for my granddaughter and she told me she loved it and that even though she watched it when she was younger, she now understands the contents better now that she is older. she said it is a great movie!